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Cannes Spotlight: Indie Princess Hollis Witherspoon 

People You Should Know – an interview with Zach Calhoon

“I loved her performance…it’s a one woman show and she really carries this on her shoulders well.”

A Girl A Cat A Bomb

Mark Krawczyk – The Final Cut

“Witherspoon delivers an amazing performance here, fluctuating between manic, sad, and dryly funny within a blink of an eye.  She’s an incredibly talented performer who holds the glue of this piece together with grace and care.”

Whale Song

Mateo Moreno – The Arts Wire

“Witherspoon’s Maya is lovely and dynamic, and as a character clearly in the habit of pushing her feelings down so deep that they turn into diamonds, her most brilliant moments occur when we see her speaking through a mask as it falls.”

Whale Song

Chloe Carter Brown –

“The play is a grand showcase for all of the participants’ talents, which are constantly inspiring. The actors, each of whom demonstrates enormous versatility, skill, and discipline in the course of the two-hour play, are: Alexis Sottile, Victoria Tate, and Hollis Witherspoon.”

Emancipatory Politics

Martin Denton –

“The cast is terrific. Hollis Witherspoon’s Nastasya is at once pompous and fragile…”

An Idiot

Nat Cassidy –

“Mendel and Witherspoon deliver intense, focused, well-crafted performances as two damaged individuals reaching out to each other for some sort of cold comfort.”

Here at Home

Andy Horwitz – CultureBot

“Next to arrive is Anna, played brilliantly by Hollis Witherspoon who seems as laid back as they come strolling around having a glass of wine and chatting about life completely shielding what’s to come. From Witherspoon’s sharp one liners to Jo’s snide comments on the proper pronunciations of words, each character starts to push buttons until we are in the middle of an all out war. Incredibly impressive in this is Witherspoons transformation from laid back, sarcastic, and closed off to broken and sputtering when her secret finally comes out.”


Michael Roderick –

“Equally athletic is the always dynamic Hollis Witherspoon who begins the evening as our greeter and an employee of Soderman & Soderman, yet effortlessly shifts throughout the show to the bubble gum popping ditzy Kimberly “Sparkle” Sook. Witherspoon gave a very impressive performance is Tin Lily’s last production Eat and continues her streak with her solid work in this production.”

Authenticating Eileen

Michael Roderick –

“There’s a lot of beautifully wry humor that keeps the crowd laughing throughout, and a talented cast of actors that know how to deliver it…Hollis Witherspoon is sassily disgruntled as Tippy.”

The Protestants

Michael Chriscuolo –

“Now the troupe has mounted yet another pocket-size spectacle with charged and moody stage pictures that stubbornly resist cliché in this stylish, enigmatic production.”

Here at Home

Jason Zinoman – NYTimes

“Here at Home reinvigorates the subject with a powerful design and a cutting script that reveals just enough to keep the audience confused, curious, and laughing uneasily at its weird, DeLillovian eruptions of humor.”

Here at Home 

Benjamin Sutton – L Magazine

 Out and about with artist Delia Brown for the “In the Studio with Chelsea Green” project

Felicity and Caprice gallery – a collaboration with artist Delia Brown.

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